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The Swedish Massage, and that is also identified as the classic or traditional massage could be the most common massage therapy technique and is normally preferred by the majority of people. Its characterized by lengthy and flowing strokes which relax muscles, improve joint flexibility and aid in better circulation. The first stroke is known as effleurage, requires long, gliding strokes from the neck down on the base of the spine or from the shoulder down towards fingertips. It is also done about the limbs with all strokes directed toward the heart to aid blood and lymphatic flow. The therapist uses his whole hand or a thumb pad. This method is done for familiarization from the persons physique. Next is petrissage that consists on the gentle lifting of muscles up and away in the bones, then rolling and squeezing them, with a gentle pressure. It usually involves rolling, squeezing, or pressing the muscles to enhance deeper circulation. It increases circulation via eliminating toxins from muscle and nerve tissue. Friction, the third process and the most forceful one is characterized by deep circular movements utilizing fingertips applied near bony areas and joints and it relaxes the muscle fiber which enhances flexibility in muscles and joints. After friction, one more method known as tapotement is done. Tapotement is really a series of quick forceful movements made by striking or tapping the muscles with the hand. It is usually applied having a closed fist, fingertips and also the edge from the hand. It releases tension and relieves muscle cramps. Lastly, the therapist utilizes vibration or shaking that entails the pressing of hands on the back or limbs and shaking in a rapid motion for a few moments. It improves circulation and muscle contraction and is beneficial to individuals with low-back pain. For the other hand, Ayurvedic massage originated from India and its aim is to create harmony and balance within the individual and it aids inside the removal of toxins and rejuvenation on the body. It was not practiced publicly until Indian practitioners decided to roam around and give muscle, joint and back massages.